This is one shiny RDA. The Augvape Druga has a mirror-like finish to it. It’s very nice but it is going to show every fingerprint on it. The deck looks like it has thumbscrews. We also have an Ultem top cap. Very nice first impression so far.


  • 1 x Augvape DRUGA RDA
  • 1 x Hex Key
  • 1 x Delrin Drip Tip
  • 1 x ULTEM Drip Tip
  • 1 x Spart Parts Package
  • Squonking pin

Augvape Second RDA Review


The Druga comes with the Ultem drip tip pre-installed. It is one of those chuff cap style drip tips, that’s really not my thing. I did take a few pulls with it but I swapped it out for the Delrin drip tip very quickly. The tall wide Delrin drip tips are more my speed. For me, they are really comfortable and tall enough so you don’t get any bacon lips. Both drip tips do have a 10 mm wide bore to them.

Augvape Second RDA Review

The top cap on the Druga is set up for dual airflow only. You cannot run a single coil in the Druga. It does have a single o’ring that keeps the top cap in place and the machining is very nicely done. It has some good tolerance and you are able to adjust the airflow with relative ease. It could have used some knurling on the top cap though. It is a little too smooth and it does make adjusting the airflow just a tad more difficult than it has to be.

Augvape Second RDA Review

The sleeve on the Druga has an absolutely beautiful finish. I’m not too sure about the Daredevil logo on it or how Marvel Comics will feel about it. All kidding aside though, if you look closely you’ll notice that it is different from the Daredevil logo but definitely similar enough for me to comment. The Druga has two airflow slots one on each side and they are both fully adjustable via the top cap. The Machining all around on this RDA is pretty well done. All of the cutouts are nice and smooth with no burrs. The atomizer does come very clean, one wash and one rinse were all it took to be able to start vaping on this RDA.

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Every vaper is always talking about how they want new and innovative things. Well, you got it with the Druga. This is an innovative deck. It has thumb screws that screw onto two posts. All you have to do is lay your leads in between the two post and tighten down the thumbscrews. Once you have them tightened down, you can really snug them up by tightening the thumbscrews with a Phillips head screwdriver. Innovation? I’d say so.

Augvape Second RDA Review

Definitely different and definitely very innovative. Of course, there is only one terminal per post but the key is the terminal itself measures 2.5 mm by 3 mm. What that means is you can fit some pretty big monster coils in there. The deck itself is 24 mm and Augvape gives you 20 mm of workable space on this deck. I love the fact that Augvape has created an RDA that allows for tool less adjustment and I will get into that feature in more depth in the next section.

Augvape Second RDA Review

The Druga also comes with a squonk pin. You can remove the traditional 510 pin and replace it with an included squonk pin. Augvape even included a hex key for the installation of the squonk pin. The Druga also has a negative post screw so you can take the deck completely apart should you ever feel the need to do so. The outer part of the deck that the barrel slips onto has two very good old rings that provide some pretty good tolerance when removing the sleeve.


The Druga deck is very easy to build on. The hardest part about building on this deck is getting the process down that I will explain here. The Druga is a little bit more involved than just throwing a building it. What I normally do is I install one coil at a time and I hand tighten the deck screws. I clip my leads and then pull the coil out. I then move on to the second coil and do the same thing. Then I take both coils and I install them together. I hand tighten the screws, make sure one lead is actually laying over the other, make my adjustments and then finally I snug the coils down with a Phillips head screwdriver. Wicking is just as it is with most RDA’s. Pull your cotton through the coil and tuck it under the coils so it lays on the deck of the RDA.

Augvape Second RDA Review

The Phillips head on the thumb screws is a little shallow and I wish Augvape would have made them a little bit deeper. I also do not like the fact that Augvape did not include spares. The juice well on the Druga is pretty deep and the whole deck is 24-karat gold-plated. This RDA was meant for sloppy drippers because I can get 25 to 30 drops in there with no problem at all.


The Augvape Druga has some really smooth air flow and it does vape like a dream. Flavor is just phenomenal when you close down the airflow about halfway. The vape quality on the Druga actually reminds me a lot of the Vandy Vape Icon. As with the Icon, you will get the best of both worlds with this RDA. I get really great cloud production if I open up the air flow and crank up the wattage. I get really great flavor if I tighten the air flow and knock down the wattage just a wee bit.

I am running dual SS Tiger coils in my Druga right now. The build is ohming out at .25 and I have it on my mod at 80 watts. I have the air flow about three-quarters of the way open and I feel like this setting gives me a spectacular compromise of clouds and flavor. The vapor I get is thick, dense, flavorful, and lush. The Delrin drip tip does stay cool when I am chain vaping and I am getting a very satisfying vape off of this RDA.


I have to say that Augvape really hit a homerun here. This is a fantastic RDA with really great clouds and flavor. While my RDA is stainless steel, I have noticed that Augvape has come out with this RDA in a multitude of colors. That’s great because the stainless steel is just a little too shiny for my taste. Yes, the Druga does have a few cons here and there but the value and the bang for the buck that you get with this atomizer are definitely there. I cannot help but give my full recommendation to the Augvape Druga. It does a lot of things really well at a fantastic price point. Get one and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

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