This thing really looks kind of cool. I like the color and the design. First impression is, it feels solid and well built. I guess you could call it an all-in-one with a Mini Limitless Plus on top. It feels really smooth and I’m definitely digging the fire button.


    • One iJoy RDTA Box Mini 100W
    • One RBM Deck
    • One RBM Coil 0.25 ohm
    • One Phillips Screwdriver
    • Two Prebuilt Clapton Coils
    • Two Strips of Organic Cotton
    • Spare Parts Pack
    • Micro USB Cable
    • User Manual

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Review


Let’s start off with what looks like a Mini Limitless Plus on the top of this mod. It has a Delrin standard 510 drip tip that attaches to a plastic top cap. The top cap, like a traditional RDTA, controls the side air flow on the sleeve. Simply twist the top cap to the desired setting and airflow. The sleeve looks like a typical Ijoy Limitless Plus. It is yellow paisley in color. The air slots are narrow and thin but it does let a surprisingly large amount of air in. The top cap does have a really nice conical design which I am sure contributes to the great flavor I get out of this little guy.

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Review

Now, on to the actual atomizer. There is a chrome fill port cap that covers the built-in 6ml tank. The threading on the fill port cap is nicely machined and there is a rubber gasket to prevent leaking. The opening itself is pretty wide so it can definitely accommodate any juice bottle on the market today. In each of the four corners on the top of the mod, there are four hex screws. They are there so you can replace the interior 6 ml tank should that need ever arise. I guess IJoy learned from the original RDTA Box. If you dropped the original RDTA Box mod and the tank broke, it was pretty much useless. It was a big time con to a lot of reviewers. So it looks like IJoy actually addressed the possibility of that situation arising. I do give Ijoy a lot of credit for listening to its customers. I just wish if they were going to make it replaceable, they would have at least given the user the option of the tank being made out of glass. Hopefully, in the future, Ijoy will come up with something like that so you can run citrus juices in it without a problem. Right now, the way this mod is designed, I wouldn’t trust any tank cracking juices in it. The mod itself measures in at 45 mm by 25 mm by 100 mm. This mod will fire as low as 5 watts and as high as 100 watts in power mode.

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Review

Another nice improvement with the Mini is, if you don’t want to run by Ijoy’s coils on their deck, then you can run your own tanks on this mod. There are multiple decks available for this mod in different configurations as well. Unfortunately, Ijoy only sent me the velocity style deck that is included in the kit. Even though there are other decks in different configurations, I cannot comment on them because I don’t have them. Again, it’s very refreshing to see Ijoy actually listen to its customer base. Customers love choices and Ijoy is definitely giving it to them. Good on you Ijoy, keep it up.

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Review

Right below the atomizer, on the slim side of the mod, there is a sight glass. You can use the sight glass to see the juice level of your tank. It is a little on the dark side but Ijoy has addressed that as well. The RDTA Box Mini comes with an LED light bulb built into the tank. If you keep it turned on, you’ll be able to see your juice level in any type of lighting condition. Right below the sight glass, there are six holes for battery venting.

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Review

The screen on the RDTA Box Mini is a .96 inch OLED display. It is bright in most lighting conditions but it can be a little difficult to see in direct sunlight. I do like the simple layout of the screening. On the top of the screen, you will be able to see your wattage and below that will be your volts, temperature, battery meter, resistance, and a puff counter. Some of those indicators may change slightly if you are in TC mode.

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Review

All of the buttons on the Mini are solid and responsive. I’ve been using this mod for months and I have no button rattle. The fire button is very comfortable whether you thumb or trigger firing. It is nice and square and very easy to find on the mod. The plus minus buttons seem to be made out of metal and they are chrome plated. They have a triangular shape to them and they are clicky and tactile feeling.

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Review

Below the plus minus buttons, we have a charge update port. The Mini comes with a built-in 2600 mAh lipo. Since I’ve been using this mod, battery life has been really good and it does get me through most of the day with it running at around 50 watts. That’s not too bad for a 100 watt device. Run the watts higher and the battery life will suffer. It does charge rather quickly and I can go from dead to a full charge in about 90 minutes. There is no venting at the bottom of the mod.v

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I do like the way Ijoy took the subdued route when it comes to the branding on this mod. I think the color schemes and overall design of the mod are fantastic. It does look and feel like a quality mod. There really is nothing cheap or cheap feeling about the Mini. The build quality on the Mini so far has been pretty solid. It does feel great in the hand and the texture is smooth as well. I think Ijoy did a fantastic job on the carbon fiber as well. Yes, it may be a sticker but the sticker does have some good texture to it and it is one of the higher quality carbon fiber stickers I’ve seen on a mod as of late.

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Review


The Mini has Ijoy’s proprietary board and it really does vape pretty well. Power mode is very enjoyable and accurate. TC does tend to run a little hot for me. If you have read any of my reviews, you know that I am a TC vaper. The Mini does seem to ramp up a bit faster than most boards. I do find myself running the wattage anywhere from 5 to 10 watts lower than I normally would in TC mode or on another more accurate board. I also find myself running 20 to 30 degrees less than I normally would on a Yihi or DNA board.

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Review

Overall though, I have to say that I am impressed with the power that this board does put out. I’ll say this, it definitely does TC better than your typical Smok board. It’s not Yihi or DNA good but it is definitely up there with most second tier TC boards. Hopefully, Ijoy will continue to improve their TC and tighten things up with some new mods that are coming out. I also wouldn’t mind it if Ijoy would do an update and tweak this board so it vapes more accurately.


This is a typical Ijoy board and the menu system is as simple as can be.

  • 5 clicks on/off
  • 3 clicks gets you into the main menu
  • Use the +/- minus button to navigate the menu once you are inside of it
  • Press the fire button to make your selection.
  • +/- button together to read the resistance
  • In TC mode, press the up button to adjust the wattage
  • In TC mode, press the down button to adjust the temperature

iJoy RDTA Box Mini Review

Once you are in the main menu, you can choose between Power mode, SS, Ni, Ti, M1 and M2. M1 and M2 are the TCR are modes that you can adjust manually. In this menu, you can also flip the screen, adjust the preheat, turn the LED on or off, and adjust your screen timeout.


So far, I have to say that this little mod has been impressive. It is extremely easy to build and wick, it vapes great in power mode, and it does a very respectable job in TC. Right now, I have dual SS aliens in it ohming out at .27 and I have the watts set to 50 in TC mode at 475 degrees Fahrenheit. I am getting a nice, dense, thick, flavorful vape. When I cut down the AFC to about halfway, the flavor definitely intensifies. I’m looking forward to trying the single coil deck when it comes out because that should really increase flavor, cut down on the juice consumption, and improve the battery life. In my opinion, the RDTA Box Mini gives the user a fantastic vape at a great price point.


Let’s face it, this isn’t going to be your all day, every day, mod. The only way to do that is to buy two and you can always have one fully charged. However, if you are looking for something to use when you’re out and about that has really good juice capacity, this may be the mod for you. I do like it in that situation because it’s small, easy to carry, has good battery life, and has a nice size juice capacity. It’s also a great mod for the new vaper that is just getting into building. It’s very easy to build with and clean. Even if you don’t want to build, you can always go out and buy the pre-wrapped, pre-built coil heads. That will allow you to get a true RDTA experience without having to build yourself. It is also a very pocketable mod and it does not leak in your pocket. All in all I, think it’s a great little mod. Definitely DeucesJack approved.

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